José Luis de la Cruz
2013, Peru
He created a software that simplifies and cheapens the electrification of rural areas
Computer Science

One of every five small towns in rural Peru does not have provision of electricity. In these cases the State is responsible for subsidizing the electrification for which its inhabitants may have, at least, of night lighting and energy to power small appliances. However, this type of delivery does not provide the power necessary to enable them to establish small businesses, such as carpentry, bakeries or tanneries, which would require a distribution network to provide a stable and higher supply.

Convinced that the development of rural areas involves promoting this kind of micro-enterprises; this electrical engineer, José Luis de la Cruz has developed a tool that, through the optimization of resources, it would give an answer to the great challenge to make economically viable this electrical supply.  

ESOLUTIONS, company founded and directed by De la Cruz, has developed REDCAD, software that by optimizing the operational part of the project, allows companies who are responsible for installing the electrical network infrastructure on the ground, to improve the planning and minimization of time and cost in the development of the work. In addition, the software not only works with the Peruvian standards, but also is applicable to the manner of working in any environment, country or type of installation.

Until now, REDCAD has helped to bring productive and made-for-home electricity to more than 3,000 small rural localities. This can mean a savings of around 50% and 80% of the costs associated with planning for construction companies of these networks. ESOLUTIONS already accounts with more than 20 large customers in Peru and hopes to extend, in short period of time, to new markets in Latin America, and towards the future, to other continents.