Wiktor Warchałowski
2017, Europe
co-founder and CEO at Airly
Computer Science

Wiktor Warchałowski’s company, Airly, is committed to cleaning up Poland’s air, which has been consistently ranked as one of Europe’s most polluted. Warchałowski noticed that there were very few air quality sensors and that the average Pole didn’t have access to air quality information. Airly addresses this through the manufacturing of air quality sensors which use artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide air quality forecasts. This fully integrated system allows users to go online and check the real-time air quality of any area where an Airly sensor is located. To date, Airly has sold 300 sensors in 24 cities in Poland. Furthermore, during the first five months after launching its online platform, Airly received 70,000 site visits and averaged 17,000 visitors per day. Warchałowski and his team of engineers are dedicated to helping make the world’s air cleaner, one sensor at a time.