Víctor Freundt
2013, Peru
He has used digital manufacturing of customized toys to enhance creativity

The importance of play in physical, mental and spiritual development, coupled with technology could be the foundation for creating products and services that can benefit all mankind. Under the slogan “Design, Make, Play” (“Diseña, Fabrica, Juega” in Spanish) this young innovator has created FaceMe, an educational tool that delivers design and manufacturing tools in a fun and different way.

Victor Freundt learned digital design and manufacturing techniques (laser cutting, scanning and 3D printing and computer controlled milling) during a training period at Fab Lab Barcelona, the digital manufacturing laboratory within the Institute for Advanced Architecture Catalonia. Upon his return, Freundt dedicated himself to spreading the concept Fab Lab in Peru by cofounding the Fab Lab UNI at the National University of Engineering and the Fab Lab pilot at the Metropolitan Museum of Lima.

Within his toy manufacturing company ‘Viktoys’, Freundt founded FaceMe, an online custom toys tool and online store  organizes educational activities, competitions and other projects, allowing children and adults to learn design skills and lose the fear of creating, while encouraging the creation of new designs. With the aim of maintaining and improving the platform for the sale of FaceMe toys, this young entrepreneur has opened a new business unit, Lasertija, through which they offer laser cutting amongst other services and products that are not toys that has tripled Viktoys´s income.

Victor Freundt has collaborated with the Culture Management and Business Development divisions of the metropolitan municipality of Lima, as well as with industrial design students at the PUCP. In 2011 he won the first edition of Wayra Peru. According to Freundt, his goal is to create a theme park of the same magnitude as Disney, and a toy factory in Peru capable of competing with multinational giants like Mattel or Hasbro.