Rosa Monge
2017, Europe
CEO at BEOnChip

Rosa Monge and her company BEOnChip are working to address to the problem posed by overly sterile conditions in laboratory-developed drugs. The current methods used to test and develop medications don’t replicate the realistic, “in-vivo” environments in which they will be applied, leave room for potential harm and cause the unnecessarily failure of some investigations. BEOnChip, founded in 2016 in Zaragoza (Spain), aims to reconcile this weakness with its line of disposable microfluidic devices that gives researchers a platform to experiment with all of the stimuli their medications would be exposed to “in-vivo.” There are currently four BEOnChip products on the market, with more underdevelopment. Monge sees the products made by her company reducing laboratory costs and creating an ethically healthier science community by reducing the need for animal testing.