Rebeca Hwang
2012, Argentina & Uruguay
Creation and promotion of innovative initiatives for socio-economic and environmental advancement

As a citizen of the world, this young woman has promoted major initiatives of real utility with a global perspective. Born in South Korea, she grew up in Argentina and received part of her education in the United States, where she received her degree in chemistry and environmental engineering at the Technological Institute of Massachusetts (MIT).

Her first invention was an inexpensive ceramic filter used to purify water in rural areas where households have no access to the grid. Shortly after, she co-founded the Cleantech Open competition to ensure that innovative ideas and projects in this field become tangible products on the market. Cleantech Open is now one of the biggest competitions of clean technologies in the United States, whose winning projects have grossed over $600 million dollars and created more than 2,000 jobs, according to figures cited by Hwang.

She also participated in several organizations and entrepreneurship programs to help identify and reward great entrepreneurs and their ideas worldwide. This led her to co-found YouNoodle in 2007, a global software company that actively involves corporations, universities, governments and NGOs in the business community to accelerate growth initiatives that produce innovative new products and services. The company offers its members a web platform to facilitate and manage their innovation campaigns thereby simplifying and streamlining the entire process.

YouNoodle is ultimately the result of the application of the theory of the use of social networks in the development of algorithms to minimize the risks posed by starting new businesses, providing its founders with an analysis of the necessary conditions to optimize their chances of success.