Pawel Jarmolkowicz
2017, Europe
CEO of Harimata
Computer Science

Pawel Jarmolkowicz, the founder and CEO of Harimata, is on a quest to use behavioral psychology, data science, and artificial intelligence to diagnose developmental disorders like autism. Jarmolkowicz’s research has found that it is possible to determine whether a child suffers from autism through movement analysis. To leverage this finding, Jarmolkowicz has developed a game for tablets and smartphones that can monitor how a child interacts with the game and device to flag behavioral patterns that could be caused by autism. This game acts as a test that can be administered by anyone, anywhere a tablet computer is available. This technology can change the way autism is diagnosed and provide earlier detection, which would reduce the social costs suffered by these patients and families. The technology is currently being validated externally and there is no confirmed timetable yet for a commercial release, but the results of a variety of tests have shown a 90% success rate in diagnosing autism, according to Jarmolkowicz.