Pawel Gora
2017, Europe
Researcher at University of Warsaw

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that heavy traffic is not fun. Pawel Gora takes it one step further by viewing traffic as a serious civilizational and commercial issue that causes pollution, accidents, noise, loss of productivity and stress for drivers among other things. To alleviate the negative impacts of traffic, Gora is developing the Traffic Simulation Framework (TSF) to optimize vehicular transport and make people’s lives easier. Gora’s software takes traffic data from a variety of sources and applies adaptive traffic optimization algorithms to provide faster than real-time predictions. TSF is a prototype, but Gora is already applying it to the development of mobility models in an area close to the Senegal-Guinea border to help in designing new infrastructures for the future independent planning and development of this region. Among a wide range of specific applications, TSF can be used for planning transport routes, planning urban areas, general/infrastructure development, support for a variety of services like travel and taxis, and for designing smart cars that can optimize navigation routes.