Pablo Orlando
2015, Argentina & Uruguay
He aims to democratize autonomous vehicles through an artificial intelligence system
Computer Science


The primary cause of most traffic accidents is human error. More than 1,250,000 deaths each year are caused by this type of accident. Autonomous vehicles could reduce the death toll, but at present, these systems remain in the hands of giants from the automotive and technological sectors. The young, Argentinian innovator Pablo Orlando aims to "democratize this technology", and to this end he has cofounded the company Inipop and developed a system that equips the vehicle with artificial intelligence and transforms it into an autonomous vehicle.

The system is comprised by cameras, radar and an onboard computer, and allows the vehicle to analyze its surroundings and take control of the driving. The artificial intelligence detects the presence of pedestrians at close range and reads traffic signals, which allows the system to react to circumstances in the safest way possible.

Currently the system is being incorporated into buses, trains and electric cars, but work is underway to adapt the system to internal combustion cars. The objective of this young innovator is not only to incorporate this technology into newly manufactured cars, but rather into any vehicle via the necessary modifications. 

Text in Spanish from its original source: MIT Technology Review Spanish edition