Martín Frascaroli
2014, Argentina & Uruguay
His virtual assistant improves the interaction of companies with their clients Internet and Web
Internet and Web

Currently, and as a result of large workloads, the majority of companies and institutions no do not have enough time to attend to their clients´ absolutely every need, and this is frequently coupled with their need to cut costs and improve service quality. Frascaroli has created Agentbot, the leading automatic customer service platform in Latin America servicing more than one million users per month.

This system is the product of Aivo, the company founded by this young Argentinean. Through the use of an artificial intelligence engine, it is capable of comprehending queries, providing the best solutions, offering alternative questions when the required answer cannot be not provided, and remembering topics of conversation or recognizing errors, and its service is available 24/7.

An entrepreneur and enthusiast of new technologies, Martín began his entrepreneurial career with Y2KNetworks; a startup specializing in technology solutions, from communication and marketing to websites or apps. He received the Emerging Innovator award, granted by the Endeavor Foundation, his business Aivo was acknowledged as one of the top 10 startups in Latin America in 2012, and Agentbot was named the best innovative solution by DigitalBank.