Marcos Vargas
2013, Peru
He has devised a virtual assistant to generate customized learning routes on the web
Computer Science

A high percentage of web surfers wanting to learn about a particular topic online get lost in an ocean of irrelevant information, or wander off track in the journey from an initial Google search to the first useful finding on the topic.

This young innovator, a graduate of Electronic Engineering from the Atenor Orrego Private University, has designed a tool called FractalUp, which will allow any internet user to create a roadmap to guide the user to the information they seek in a much more efficient manner.                                                                                              

Similarly to GPS or other positioning systems, this software guides the user through a content map (videos, wikis, applications, massive open courses, e-books) using user profile data to guide them by proposing the most suitable order to access significant knowledge about a topic and avoid the junk content so rampant on the internet.

The profile of the more than 100 pioneer users of this tool is diverse, ranging from students to tourists. FractalUp aims to offer organized, structural learning that is not limited to certain fields such as sciences, but also other areas where it can generate a series of useful knowledge that could be learned effectively using this tool. Vargas, who since the beginning of 2013 has been focusing on the development of FractalUp, has also been selected as the winner of the Peruvian phase of the Intel Challenge competition.