José Rodríguez
2013, Mexico
Sustainable Design and Architecture in a handheld application

The energy consumed by the everyday use of buildings (air conditioners, heating, lighting, motors, etc.) represents one quarter of the total energy consumption in Mexico and more than a third of all CO2 emissions. Jose Calixto has managed to develop an advanced technology which monitors, analyzes and communicates the energy usage in buildings, revolutionizing energy efficiency in the construction industry.

At only 28 years of age, Jose is the director of Modebo, the company he founded in 2010 to bring innovative solutions optimizing the use of energy and resource consumption in buildings to market.

Through a simple and quick monitoring and controlling system, Modebo’s technology analyzes energy consumption and the environmental condition of buildings and compares them with the parameters of world-class efficient buildings. In this way it identifies potential savings opportunities, offers users specialized information for decision-making, and proposes proven cost saving alternatives.

Modebo’s technology is designed to enable the user to easily interact with the system through an Internet application which can be viewed on a mobile device, computer or a tablet without the need for specialized knowledge required to install and operate

Users receive information on the status of the building and the proposed solution in real time. Up to 90% savings in air-conditioning and heating, up to 40% in the use of lighting or up to 80% of water can represent significant savings per year in energy consumption.

Under Jose´s direction, Modebo has won multiple awards, including the CIHAC innovation award, second place in IBM´s Smartcamp, and second place in IE Venture Day Mexico. In addition, this company is supported by Wayra Mexico; therefore, it will be the company that represents Mexico in the upcoming global edition of these awards, to be held in Silicon Valley.