Jorge Bueno
2015, Spain
His indoor tracking system is more precise and less intrusive
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The Spanish innovator Jorge Bueno has created an extremely precise indoor tracking system for large spaces. His company, Proximus, sells to shopping malls that want to track the movements of their customers. The objective is to help companies to analyze the effect of product placement and special promotions and allow them to segment their marketing campaigns more effectively. "It´s like a GPS system for the inside of buildings", its creator explains.

This indoor tracking system consists of two parts: a hardware element based on the iBeacon technology and a mathematical algorithm that positions people with a margin of accuracy of two meters and tracks their movements. Each object is geopositioned by the navigation system developed by Bueno.  

At only 30 years of age, Bueno has completed two engineering degrees (industrial engineering with an electronic specialty, and telecommunications engineering with a telematics specialty), a master´s degree and a PhD in robotics and automatization, all at the University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain). In parallel with his academic accomplishments, this young man from Madrid (Spain) has lead a number of business ventures, starting at age 15, which have culminated in the launch of Proximus.