Jerzy Latka
2017, Europe

Latka has devoted his academic career to inventing and developing a better shelter for people in need which can be erected without the need for special equipment. As CEO of ARCHI-TEKTURA, he has developed House of Cards. This project aims to provide comfortable accommodations which supply thermal insulation, privacy and a sense of security to people who have lost their homes (such as refugees and the victims of natural disasters). To this end, Latka has created FLe2XARD, an innovative and flexible building system for emergency housing that has allowed him to carry out the House of Cards concept. Made of 80% recycled paper products, FLe2XARD units have ethe potential to provide safe and comfortable housing for the 65.3 million people currently displaced, the largest number since World War II. Latka also sees the current standard in refugee housing - tents - as insufficient as a long term solution. The low-cost and eco-friendly FLe2XARD solves the inadequacies of tents as it can be set up without special tools and provides a durable and incombustible living space. Still in the prototype phase, FLe2XARD is being tested to see how it resists the elements during different seasons and under different weather conditions before initiating mass production and implementation.