Javier Humberto Galindo
2012, Colombia
Has developed a software that improves the security and performance of the planet’s organizations

Javier Humberto Galindo owner and founder of ITAC Company; collects two million dollars per year, grows at a rate of 40 percent and provides work for more than 80 engineers. In 2004, at age 26 this young man had achieved all of this. He decided to become a businessman with only one goal in mind: to create tools that would help to improve the performance of organizations in their web operations.

Noting his career a decade after, innovative Javier H. Galindo, has demonstrated an ability to advance in the computer security world and the development of software solutions in a very impressive way. After touring Latin America providing workshops and courses on Java development, his vision of the industry led him to discover the importance of products such as: web services to interconnect systems, software architecture aimed to provide services (SOA) or programs for a secure exchange of files, areas for which ITAC has developed a broad range of solutions and nowadays these are being used by clients from all over Latin America. In addition, this youthful man continues to expand its catalog with products that are intended to hit the market in the next few years, for example, an error identification and correction service for web applications and SOA´s architecture; services that ITAC offered without trade name since 2007.

Galindo offers his products at a competitive price, but what it differentiates him from companies like IBM, is his position as a slot player who is focused specifically on this type of software and its ability to provide technical service with direct contact to customers at local or regional level that bigger companies do not offer.