Javier Agüera
2011, Spain
Developing mobile open source
Computer Science

Developing open source mobile telephony

The fact that youth is not blessed with entrepreneurial spirit is a fact that stands out in the case of Javier  Agüera, 19 years old and already three start-ups behind him. A proactive and innovative character is all he needed to create initiatives such as TopKami or Darkgate Softworks. However, his collaboration with Rodrigo Silva Ramos finally marked his irruption into the mainstream business world. Agüera, 16 years old at the time, and Silva Ramos pounced onto the mobile industry with GeeksPhone. This start-up company, created at the start of 2009, can claim to be the first Spanish smartphones manufacture, and the first European firm to launch a smartphone based on Google's Android™ operating system: that is GeeksPhone One, launched in January 2010.

The objective of the company is to offer consumers high range smartphones at an affordable price, by eliminating intermediaries and optimising the company's own resources. GeeksPhone has chosen to take some distance from what they call “the opacity of the sector”, by keeping the customer informed of what each product costs so that they can compare and choose in total transparency. In a nutshell, they claim to be offering open source mobile telephony solutions to the public, which sets the consumer free from the leash of being bound to a defined operator. Loyal to this spirit, GeeksPhone has distributed open devices since its start in all of its official sales points.

The good quality vs price ratio of their products led to a great demand: no more specimens of the first mobile phone they launched, the Geeksphone One, remain for sale today.

Their second product, the Geeksphone Zero, came to birth in March 2011. With a launch price of 189€ (168€ for those who had purchased the previous model) they estimate sales in the thousands' range.

Despite the challenge of competing against giants and leaders of the mobile telephony sector, according to Agüera himself, little by little Geeks Phone is opening a hole in the global market, and they envisage further growth. As they announced their third smartphone, the Geeksphone Two, will be launched in the next few months, with a price under 400€. Besides that, they envisage enlarging their company by opening new subsidiaries in other countries, especially in Latin America.