Ivo Boniolo
2014, Italy
Bike + A "hybrid" bicycle

Ivo Boniolo started working on hybrid vehicles during his PhD years at Milan Polytechnic. Combining his postgraduate studies in Information Sciences with his undergraduate degree in Control Systems meant that his interests were quickly addressed to developing new concepts to improve electric vehicles and man-machine interfaces.

Active braking, sensors to measure motorbike tilt angle in curves, parking system for small boats were just some of the applications he found. However, his start-up and entrepreneurial spirit took the lead and in 2012, he decided to create his own company, e-Novia, of which he is co-founder. However, his links with the University Lab did not cease, and e-Novia benefits from tight links with the R&D group, while providing design, development and production of electronic systems, with a particular focus on electric vehicles. It is in this context that he developed Bike+, an innovative electric bicycle product, for another start-up of which he is COO (Chief Operating Officer), ZeHus,

Bike+ is a bicycle who can assist the cyclist when needed without completely discharging the electric battery. The system allows the human body to operate in ideal conditions at all time. Specific metabolic tests were conducted at the Mapei Sport Service Movement Analysis Lab, one of the key professional lab devoted to the world of cycling. In other words, Bike+ is the evolutionary bridge between the traditional (mechanic) and the electric bicycle. Those who would gladly appreciate some help when they cycle, but do not want to go through the hassle to recharge the battery at night, would certainly appreciate it. As well as those who enjoy having the most recent technologies and use their smartphone to connect to their own bike, modify its settings, share routes and thoughts with other cyclists through social networks.

Bike+ has a very distinctive design and its technical and aesthetic features may lead to a new type of “real-social” interaction, where Bike+ commuting becomes a style of life.