Gino Tubaro
2015, Argentina & Uruguay
Created a device that translates written texts into braille in real time
Computer Science

Project LIMBS / AtomicLab

Gino Tubaro has just turned 20, and he already boasts a long list of inventions. Amongst them, a device capable of recognizing the letters within written text and translating them into braille in real time stands out. This device is a sharp-edged 8 cm x 8 cm cube that, when worn like a thimble, is able to read written texts and convert them into mechanical signals that correspond to the language of the blind which in turn allows them to "read" the texts.

This is only one of Tubaro´s accomplishments, in spite of his youth. At the age of 13, he received an award from the World Intellectual Property Organization for developing a security device for electrical outlets that detects whether an object is an electrical gadget or a person´s fingers, and in the case of the latter, it will interrupt the electrical current to avoid electrocution.

In 2013, he began to explore the possibilities of 3D printing techniques in order to manufacture artificial hand prostheses at low cost. Thus was born his project #manoxmano (hand over hand in Spanish) that manufactured several prostheses free of charge for the disabled people who registered to receive one. Committed to taking this initiative further, Tubaro launched the LIMBS project through his innovation platform AtomicLab.

Text in Spanish from its original source: MIT Technology Review Spanish edition