Fernando Zvietcovich
2014, Peru
He has developed a 3D modeling software for cutaneous leishmaniasis injuries

Leishmaniasis is one of the most characteristic diseases in Peru, and amounts to the second largest tropical endemic of the region. The lack of financial resources and high levels of toxicity present in current treatments are some of the key factors in the development of Fernando Zvietcovich's project. This innovative young man has developed software that generates a 3D model of injuries caused by cutaneous leishmaniasis which allows them to be measured, monitored and tracked over time.

Thanks to a 3D laser scanner, we can analyze important parameters of these injuries such as surface area and volume in order to track of the disease throughout the course of treatment received by the patient. This allows physicians to detect treatment failure earlier and use alternative treatments.

Fernando, an Engineering graduate from Pontifical University in Peru, is a prime example of an innovative young man. His work has laid the foundations for future research and fosters improvements for existing treatments and the accelerated of healing, thereby favoring the social and professional reintegration of all those who suffer from this disease.