Demian Slobinsky
2013, Argentina & Uruguay
He has created compact, high performance and reprogrammable computing platforms
Computer Science

Supercomputers are a vital resource in research centers, scarce and expensive at the same time because they consume huge amounts of electricity to run its tens thousands of processors and to feed their ventilation systems. Moreover, the return on elevated investments in these devices is barely achieved in the few years it takes for the technology to be phased out.

Demian Slobinksy has designed a way to condense the calculating power of 50 conventional computers in an electronic device the size of an external hard drive. This device is called TABA and is a development kit for high performance computing that can adapted to different tasks at any time, depending on the algorithms programmed into its layers of memory. His device has proven to be 500 times more energy efficient.

Bife Supercomputing, the company founded by Slobisnky, is committed to making specific, high yielding, reconfigurable supercomputing  to bring high performance computing solutions to users and organizations seeking to solve complex numerical problems in science and industry. They have obtained two million pesos from Sadosky Foundation to build a bioinformatics calculations.

It is commonly believed that the today´s supercomputing will form the basis of tomorrow´s standard computer, and thanks to devices like TABA organizations will be able to integrate high-performance calculations in their workflows and increase competitiveness. These devices will be also useful in the search for and maintenance of oil and gas wells, telecommunications, radars and any other area where it is necessary to simulate processes or to analyze large amounts of data in real time.