Daniel Aranguren
2012, Colombia
He has developed a high reliability system to predict thunderstorms used by some of the biggest oil companies in Colombia
Computer Science

After the investigation Daniel Aranguren did at the National University of Colombia and during his stays in Europe and United States; he founded Karis Enterprise in 2011. His goal is to provide services to predict storms that guarantee the safety of people who work outdoors in Colombia, where the frequency of lightning to ground is ten times greater than there is registered in Europe.

The system designed by Aranguren is able to warn of imminent danger by sending an email or a text message to those who are working, for example areas where there is an energy transport network, a mine, an airport or a wind field. If his sensors network detects that a storm is about to the area, and that the atmosphere has begun to electrify rapidly at that point; Aranguren´s system sends the alert to security protocols so they can be activated with enough time to evacuate facilities, protect critical processes and save equipments.

The systems marketed by Keraunos, able to operate correctly even in rough land or subject to inclement weather, are based on the combination of several technologies: measurements of electrostatic field of short range made with their PreThor system, real-time monitoring of large scope ray activity with the LINET sensors network and an intelligent data analysis. The sum of all brings a high degree of accuracy and reliability and company have earned the trust of many clients, including four of the leading oil companies of the country.