Clémence Franc
2017, Europe

Clemence Franc’s company, NovaGray, has brought to market a twice-patented test that determines a patient’s sensitivity to radiation therapy. Almost half of cancer patients undergo radiotherapy treatment and 10% of these patients develop severe side effects to the radiation. Until NovaGray’s clinical breakthrough, there was no way for a physician to test a patient’s radiation tolerance threshold. Now, with this fast and minimally invasive technology based on a blood sample test (the results of this test are then analysed in a predictive model including two other independent clinical parameters), radiation therapy treatment can be personalized for individual patient needs and severe reactions can be avoided.  NovaGray has already clinically validated a test for breast cancer and is developing tests for lung and prostate cancers. NovaGray’s innovative tech not only makes treatment of cancer better, but also improves the lives of countless patients.