Brayan Salazar
2014, Central America
He has created a wind-powered device to charge cell phones in areas without electrification
Computer Science

Brayan is the creator of a simple wind device that will provide access to mobile technology for people who live in rural areas without electricity. In Honduras, the electrification rate is barely 70%, which limits cell phone use due to the difficulty to charge the batteries. The first prototype cost less than 5 euros and was made using recyclable materials: a propeller made from a plastic bottle that, when in motion, connects to a small generator.

This device also enables the substitution of wind energy with mechanical energy generated by a crank and dynamo. As well as charging cell phones, Salazar´s device can also power small electronic appliances like LED bulbs or flashlights in places without electrical networks.

Brayan Salazar grew up in a family with very few financial resources. Fascinated by engines since he was a child, this young man´s electronic training has been entirely self-taught. He is an innovative entrepreneur who, in spite of his limitations in terms of access to opportunities, has not abandoned his creativity and resourcefulness, setting an example for many other people.