Ariel Amato
2013, Argentina & Uruguay
He has created a multipurpose platform for solving digital work by using collective intelligence in a crowdfunding scheme
Computer Science

Despite major advances in artificial intelligence, pattern recognition of bosses or language processing, there are still many tasks like managing blog comments, or expressing an opinion about the addictive nature of a video game for which computers are not capable of effectively replacing human beings. Often these tasks are performed by services based on crowdsourcing methodologies and the rewards obtained remain small.

Ariel Amato, a graduate from the National Technological University, proposes to exploit the real potential of distributed open collaboration methodologies and revolutionize the world of crowdsourcing. The multipurpose platform Knowel, adaptable to different types of crowdsourcing based tasks, offers templates to propose and execute each and every task, reducing time and margins of error. His motto is “to work playing” and, in line with that philosophy, some tasks are proposed as a game; but Knowxel is also designed using ramification methodology.

In an entertaining and versatile way, it applies the intelligence of many human beings to solving tasks while helping to fund NGOs and social enterprises. Due to a business approach that consists of distributing benefits amongst users, the platform itself, foundations and NGOs the platform helps to promote the visibility and popularity of the tool. His commitment is to avoid the boredom involved in performing repetitive tasks.

Currently more than 200 users are evaluating the platform in its beta version. Amato's vision in terms of the use of crowdsourcing in a multipurpose platform multiplies the impact of this paradigm and is a very creative and innovative approach to this field.