Antonio Navas
2014, Central America
His free language learning platform enables the creation of new collaborative courses
Computer Science

Antonio Navas is the creator of the Duolingo system; the language education platform launched in 2012 that is now used by more than 30 million people and acknowledged by Apple (as the first educational application to be placed at the top of Apple´s ranking) and by Google as the best app of 2013.

The success of this app stems from its high quality, user-friendly design, and the fact it is offered completely free of charge. The system is based on the constant analysis of data regarding the progress of users, which enables it to adjust its educational methods to propose the most effective system. The platform already has more than 10 million active users and is contributing to the increase of employment and educational opportunities for the poorest people in Guatemala and worldwide.

The serial entrepreneur founded his first company Ikal Technologies at the age of 21, and subsequently created the venture Digital Geko. Navas is currently developing the Language Incubator, through which courses can be created by the user community so that volunteers can then create new courses in dozens of different languages, helping to avoid the extinction of the 22 Mayan languages spoken in his native country.