Andrés Felipe Gutiérrez
2012, Colombia
He has created a programming infrastructure of open code for small and medium companies
Computer Science

A wide majority of web sites that exists and are been created every day, works thanks to the language PHP. To make the process rapid and efficient, the Colombian young man Andrés Felipe Gutiérrez has designed several hardware or frameworks PHP to build and support sites capable to offer information as rapidly as possible, and also, obtainable for small and medium companies that operate through the above mentioned sites.

The first draft of this systems Engineer, licentiate by Colombian University, was a programming infrastructure called Kumbia PHP with the one that he was trying to give support to students and young developers in his academic works. After the success of this initiative, which continues active with users in the whole Latin America, Gutiérrez developed a new version of Kumbia destined for small-scale enterprises that were lack of resources to create software of high scale.

In the same line, the most recent development of this young man has been Phalcon PHP, a framework that makes many times faster than other similar hardware. Its technology to help better use of the resources of the managers machines and it is already been used in a thirty hotels in Colombia to manage and support his web sites. In addition, it is an open system whose source code is accessible to the entire developer’s community that includes small improvements and ongoing updates.