Andrés Barreto
2012, Colombia
He has created a platform to adapt contents and publicity online to tactile devices
Computer Science

Andrés Barreto, the entrepreneur Colombian young man who was a co-founder in 2006 of the application Grooveshark created to listen music on line, is embarked in a new project that aims to revolutionize consumption ways of digital contents on tactile devices. Barreto has created along with his associate Jason Baptiste a platform for contents and publicity called Onswipe especially designed to provide a smooth and pleasant navigation experience in tablets and smartphones.

Onswipe is programmed in JavaScript with a proper frame of tools for tactile interactions called "SwipeCore" allowing users to visualize directly from articles navigator, videos, web sites announcements and images, and to interact with them without having to download any application. In addition, Barreto’s project could have met on the password that 'on-line' publicity editors are looking for to obtain profitability of publicity in Internet since Onswipe offers them a free route to increase the flow of received visitors and to turn them into income, in addition to saving resources that would be intended to create specific applications for operating systems of mobile devices.

Barreto’s technology adds to his simplicity and to the agreeable experience of tactile navigation one more advantage: it is the access for public of high purchasing power who consumes contents from devices like the iPad, whose life style fits with the one that advertising agencies are looking for, wants to promote related business like trips and fashion, and already have managed many joint campaigns with the young company.