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Throughout the years, MIT Technology Review has built a large community with over 100,000 professionals and institutions: innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, professors, researchers, universities, public institutions, and research centers.

Some of them are part of our committee of judges made up of independent, well-known technologists, entrepreneurs, winners of past editions, investors and academics that belong to leading universities and companies from all around the world.

Others are opinion leaders who are influential and credible points of contact within a specific field. Their mission is to promote the competition, convey its values and recommend young people with potential to earn a spot amongst the award winners.

Innovators, judges and ambassadors: with their help, Innovators Under 35 contributes to talent discovering and developing, and the diffusion of new technologies in Europe and Latin America.

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Isabel Michiels, Judge

Lead expert within the expertise center innovation of Agoria

Antonio Gil-Nagel, Judge

Director of the Epilepsy Program at the Neurology unit of Hospital Ruber Internacional

Enrique Galindo, Judge

Researcher and Secretary of Linking at the Institute of Biotechnology of the UNAM.

José Tomás Arenas-Cavalli, Judge

CEO Of Dart. Social Innovator of the Year, Innovators Under 35 Chile 2013

Michael Segalla, Judge

Professor of Management at HEC Paris

Allan Orozco, Judge

Costa Rica
Professor and Researcher at Medical School, Costa Rica

Thibaut Banière , Judge

Grand Lyon Robotics Project Manager

Carlos Osorio, Judge

Associate Professor of Innovation at Adolfo Ibañez School of Management

Piotr Marciniak, Judge

Executive Director of Digital Banking at BGŻ BNP Paribas

Raphaël Abou, Judge

Director - CEO at ALLYUM

Eduardo Castro, Judge

Chiefr Science Officer at Aperiomics. Innovators Under 35 Chile 2016.

Víctor Padrón, Judge

Associate Professor of Telecommunications at the European University of Madrid

Tomasz Rudolf, Judge

CEO, D-RAFT and Chairman at Innovatika Group

Rubén Criado, Judge

CEO at Luz Wavelabs

Niko Bonatsos, Judge

Manager of General Catalyst Partners

Sergio Delgado, Judge

Director of da Vinci Foundation

Didier Stiévenard, Judge

Director of Research at CNRS

Vanesa Kolodziej, Judge

Co-Founder of Nazca Ventures

Orlando Chaparro, Judge

Associate Professor at National University of Colombia

Jeffry Illingworth, Judge

Director Business Development & Strategic Planning - GPF (Fybeca Group)

Maud Ankaoua, Judge

Founder of MKWA Innovation

Wytze Russchen, Judge

Chairman Supervisory Board at Dutch Network Brussels

Wiesław Gruszecki, Judge

Professor and Head of the Department of Biophysics at the Institute of Physics, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University

João Claro, Judge

Associate Professor at the University of Porto

Dante Elías, Judge

Professor and researcher at the Applied Biomechanics and Robotics Lab of the Pontific Catholic university of Peru

Eduardo Eguiguren, Judge

nnovation Director at UTPL

Alex Villazón, Judge

Full Professor and ICT Research Director (CINTI Research Center) Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB)

Benito Koike, Judge

Founder of Tecsis

Cécile Tharaud, Judge

President at Inserm Transfert Initiative

Carlos Arturo Ávila, Judge

Professor at University of the Andes