Innovators Under 35 Summit Europe 2016
24th November, Barcelona
"The objective is to build a powerful community with the brightest minds of Europe"
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Summit Europe is a special meeting of the community of Innovators Under 35 Europe that aims to unite European Innovators as well as to welcome and celebrate the new generation of talents discovered in 2016.

Our community created with passion and the effort for over five years wants to strengthen the connections between its members and with joint forces create the solutions that are making the real impact to the world.

Summit Europe was celebrated on November 24th in Barcelona and gathered the members of the European community for an inspiring journey of discussions, reflections and exchange of knowledge regarding current global topics. All the participants had the chance to share ideas during the breakout session in order to solve challenges related to health, fintech, smartcities, energy and education.

At the end of the ceremony, we celebrated the announcement of three special mentions amongst all the European Innovators Under 35 awarded in 2016. The laureates of the Summit Europe are:

Katarzyna Kaminska (Poland): Impactful Innovator

Gonzalo Murillo (Spain): Novel Innovator

Timothée Boitouzet (France): Audacious Innovator.


Speakers 2016:






Antoinette Matthews
Vice President, Licensing & Communities MIT Technology Review Exec. Director at MIT Enterprise Forum Global

Alexis Bonte

Co-Founder and CEO at eRepublik Labs


Aleksandra Orchowska

Founder of
Project Anatomia


Helena Torras

Co-Founder of Bwom and Managing Partner of PaoCapital






Johannes Jacubeit
Founder and CEO at


Katarzyna Królak-

CEO at Innovatika


Olivier Dulac
Chairman at L'Atelier BNP Paribas


Pedro Moneo
International Partner at MIT Technology Review and CEO at Opinno






Ricard Garriga
Co-founder of Menorca Millennials


Sébastien Deletaille

CEO at Real Impact Analytics


Ton van't Noordende
Tech Investor and Venture Partner at Keadyn


Olivier Mougenot

Investment Director at NUMA


Discover the highlights from the event:


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Carlos Sánchez Mendoza, Spain

Laurent Boitard, France

Timothée Boitouzet, France

Franz Bozsak, France

Vincent Bryant, France

Sandra Rey, France

Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, Poland

Arkadiusz Stopczynski, Poland

Petros Psyllos, Poland

Grzegorz Wróblewski, Poland

Katarzyna Kamińska, Poland

Rafal Flis, Poland

Bartłomiej Kołodziejczyk, Poland

Katarzyna Nawrotek, Poland

Tomasz Wolkowicz, Poland

Jordina Arcal, Spain

Xavier Damman, Belgium

Allison Derenne, Belgium

Charles Fracchia, Belgium

Geert Houben, Belgium

Geert Slachmuylders, Belgium

Steven Vercammen, Belgium

Guillaume Wegria, Belgium

Clémentine Chambon, France

Matthieu Claybrough, France

Marjolaine Grondin, France

Stanislas Niox-Chateau, France

Jérémy Stoss, France

Tom Baden, Germany

Frederik Brantner, Germany

Gero Decker, Germany

Christopher Fuhrhop, Germany

Johannes Jacubeit, Germany

Ansgar Jonietz, Germany

Benedikt Kramer, Germany

Simone Strey, Germany

Michael Thiel, Germany

Siegfried Rasthofer and Steven Arzt, Germany

Krystian Piećko, Poland

Łukasz Kołtowski, Poland

Marta Krupińska, Poland

Luis Cuende, Spain

César de la Fuente, Spain

Óscar Flores, Spain

Esther García, Spain

Javier Hernández, Spain

Javier Jiménez, Spain

Gonzalo Murillo, Spain

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