Antoine Noel
2017, Europe
Japet Medical Devices

Low back pain is a condition in the lumbar region affecting 80% of the population of Western countries. This is the main cause of sick leaves in France. For a segment of this population, 1.8 million people each year, low back pain becomes chronic and incapacitating, isolating little by little the person from his entourage. . Antoine Noel, CEO of Japet Medical Devices and developer of the Atlas exoskeleton, is helping rehabilitate those with back pain by integrating spinal traction, a commonly used pain-relief practice, into a wearable device. When a user wears the device, a mobile app leads them through a series of exercises to retrain the back and provide lasting relief. This device has been successfully tested by over 50 users and Noel expects it to hit the European market in Q4 of 2017.