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Throughout the years, MIT Technology Review has built a large community with over 100,000 professionals and institutions: innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, professors, researchers, universities, public institutions, and research centers.

Some of them are part of our committee of judges made up of independent, well-known technologists, entrepreneurs, winners of past editions, investors and academics that belong to leading universities and companies from all around the world.

Others are opinion leaders who are influential and credible points of contact within a specific field. Their mission is to promote the competition, convey its values and recommend young people with potential to earn a spot amongst the award winners.

Innovators, judges and ambassadors: with their help, Innovators Under 35 contributes to talent discovering and developing, and the diffusion of new technologies in Europe and Latin America.

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Juan Pablo Ortega, Judge

Innovation Advisor

Orlando Chaparro, Judge

Associate Professor at National University of Colombia

Julio Fernández, Judge

Academic Vice President at ORT University of Uruguay

Alain Baritault, Judge

Executive Director at Founder Institute Paris

Allan Orozco, Judge

Costa Rica
Professor and Researcher at Medical School, Costa Rica

Leo Anthony Celi, Judge

Attending Physician at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Jaime Alée, Judge

Executive Manager of Innovation and Entrepreneurship OPENBEAUCHEF Ecosystem – Engineer Faculty Universidad de Chile

Maud Ankaoua, Judge

Founder of MKWA Innovation

Juan Carlos Arroyo Torres, Judge

Representative BBVA Innovation Center in Mexico

Catherine Picart , Judge

Professor at Grenoble Institute of Technology

Lindalia Sofia Reis, Judge

Innovation Director Estacio University Brazil Owner, Ions innovation Consult

John Janas, Judge

United States
President at Janas International Enterprises, Inc.

Sara Aldabe, Judge

Professor, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Dept Inorganic,Analytical and Physical Chemistry. Principal Researcher CONICET at INQUIMAE (Inst. Chemistry of Materials, Environment and Energy)

Benjamin Minard, Judge

Innovation expert at Agoria

Iván Zavala, Judge

New Media Coordinator of FUMEC (US Mexico Foundation for Science)

Christophe Chatillon, Judge

Founder & CEO of Tapptic Group

Pascal Boulanger, Judge

CEO at NAWATechnologies

Abbas Kazmi, Judge

United Kingdom
Serial entrepreneur and investor: Managing Partner & Founder - Collegiate Capital and CEO and Founder of AFFINITY

Katarzyna Królak- Wyszyńska, Judge

Partner at Innovatika

Eric Burdier , Judge

Co-founder of Axeleo

Ernesto Gómez Berjón, Judge

CEO at Instituto de Empresas de Alto Rendimiento

Erard le Beau de Hemricourt , Judge

Co-founder of Esperity

Atilio Deana, Judge

Head of Research Valorization and Technology Transfer Unit

Luis López Panadero, Judge

Founder and President of ALTA

Jonathan Weitzman, Judge

Group Leader professor of Genetics and Epigenetics at the Université Paris Diderot

Eduardo Eguiguren, Judge

nnovation Director at UTPL

Max Jadot , Judge

CEO of BNP Paribas Fortis

Raphaël Abou , Judge

Director - CEO at

Fernando Pliego, Judge

Full Professor of Plant Physiology, Plant Biology Department, University of Malaga

Katarzyna Sobótka-Demianowska, Judge

Energy Coordinator at National Contact Point for Research Programmes