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Throughout the years, MIT Technology Review has built a large community with over 100,000 professionals and institutions: innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, professors, researchers, universities, public institutions, and research centers.

Some of them are part of our committee of judges made up of independent, well-known technologists, entrepreneurs, winners of past editions, investors and academics that belong to leading universities and companies from all around the world.

Others are opinion leaders who are influential and credible points of contact within a specific field. Their mission is to promote the competition, convey its values and recommend young people with potential to earn a spot amongst the award winners.

Innovators, judges and ambassadors: with their help, Innovators Under 35 contributes to talent discovering and developing, and the diffusion of new technologies in Europe and Latin America.

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Olman Alvarez, Ambassador

Professor at Centro de Emprendedores, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras

Luz Rello, Ambassador

Founder of Change Dislexia

Manuel Alonso Flores Morales, Ambassador

Innovation Manager

Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, Ambassador

Entrepreneur, Co Founder & Investor at Kernel & ISAI, Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum

Marcelo Cabrol, Ambassador

Manager, External Relations Department at Inter-American Development Bank

Tomas Diez, Ambassador

Director at Fab Lab Barcelona

Víctor Freundt, Ambassador

CEO at Viktoys S.A.C.

Samuel Sánchez, Ambassador

Researcher at Max Planck Institute for Intelligent System

Franck Nouyrigat , Ambassador

Founder of Startup Weekend

Jędrzej Iwaszkiewicz, Ambassador

Co-founder of D-RAFT Corporate Accelerator

Daniel Goldman, Ambassador

CEO and Founder InnMentor

Alex Barrera, Ambassador

Chief WOWness at Press42, Cofounder & Editor at

Karen Boers, Ambassador

Co-founder & CEO at /European Startup Network

Gonzalo Villarán, Ambassador

Director at UTEC Ventures

Tanguy du Monceau, Ambassador

Co-Founder and Director of co2logic

Andre Monteiro, Ambassador

Partner and CEO of +INNOVATORS International Network.

Filip Granek, Ambassador

Co-founder and CTO at XTPL

Agu de Marco, Ambassador

Co-founder & CEO (Chief Email Operator) at Wideo

Katarzyna Janocha, Ambassador

Co-founder & CMO at Internest, Organizer of 'Bringing tech & science closer to people' campaign

Karen Mirkin, Ambassador

Business Manager at Wayra

Tito Spinola, Ambassador

Youth Years Manager en Ashoka

Enrique Topolansky, Ambassador

Director del Centro de Innovación y Emprendimientos de la Universidad ORT

Javier Ramirez, Ambassador

Chief Business Development Officer, University of California, Davis-Chile

Dani Sierra, Ambassador

Estrategia de Innovación Abierta - Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Rodrigo Sepulveda , Ambassador

Entrepreneur, angel investor

Michalis Strouthos, Ambassador

Co-Founder & CEO at Cocoon Creations

Liz Fleming, Ambassador

VP International at South Summit

Lilliana Rojas Guillén, Ambassador

Innovation and Intellectual Property Manager at the University of Costa Rica

Roxanne Varza , Ambassador

Startup Lead at Microsoft France

Isaac Castro García, Ambassador

Co-founder at Emerge